Sun!! It is the second sunny day in a row here in Humlebæk, so I am up before brunch to sit in the square of sunlight in my room and feel…blissful. 

Last week was a main-subject intensive. I was bummed to be missing out on drawing and outdoor life, but it ended up being an alright week. In Crossing Borders we are starting to put together a magazine about our study tour… rather dull and no one is very invested, which makes it harder for those who have an inkling of motivation about it (I haven’t decided which camp I am in yet). We are also wrapping up a module on conflict and peace, and moving on to project management!! We watched an incredibly disturbing and powerful movie about the conflict in Rwanda early in the week: Sometimes in April. Luca and I are both pretty sensitive, so we were sad for awhile afterwards, but glad to have seen it.

* * *

On Wednesday we had a 12 hour work camp, devoted to readying the school for the Vinterlyd Festival. It is the culmination for the event-making class, and is mostly cold themed with one warm- themed room… where many grown men dragged a tree inside to become a bench! 







(I am proud to say that my good friends Luca and Tomoko made this logo with stars during the 12 hours work). Krogerup being the place that it is, the teachers dressed up as construction workers and made us a cd to listen to on repeat all day. We could apply for money to buy materials we needed from their “office” where they played poker and drank beer. It turned out to be a fun and very productive day!! 


As it always seems to come at the end, I am finally starting to feel at home in Denmark. The train system that once made me nervous seems helpful and navigable; the buildings, once a marker of a foreign land, don’t warrant a second thought as I walk by; the Danish language is not unsettling to my ears as it once was; and the gray weather is well supplemented by the newfound concept of hygge. Yes, I feel comfortable here.

Perhaps this comfort is the first sign that it is time to move on to another challenge. Or perhaps it is the first sign that things are going well here, in Denmark. To me it doesn’t really matter. There is no need to find a meaning in it… it’s already too late to be prophetic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will enjoy this feeling, and this sunny day, as long as it is here, and I will enjoy hopping on the plane to Maine just as much. For now, the war against time has been relinquished.  Happy SUNday to all!!! Xoxoxoxo,


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3 Responses to Sunday

  1. moira driscoll says:

    “I will enjoy this feeling, and this sunny day, as long as it is here, and I will enjoy hopping on the plane to Maine just as much.”
    Sadie: you put things so well. There is a whole lot of life in those words.

  2. Matchstick says:

    Your brother misses you. He tells Flan that.

  3. Deb says:

    Sadie, you are such a beautiful writer/thinker/feeler – thank you again for inviting us all on your journey – I love you girl!!! xoxoxox

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