Onward and Westward!

Big news!! Another dark winter has passed!

A brief winter catch-up:

This winter I worked for Maine Huts and Trails at a hut on the edge of Flagstaff Lake (the foot of the Bigelow Mountains, just north of Sugarloaf). Days and days of cooking, dishwashing and cleaning took place. I met many people interested in outdoor recreation. I skied almost every day. I fed a wood stove every day…and am very proud to have learned how to split wood. What raw catharsis! I think winter is best enjoyed outside of the city, where driving is not desirable and the snow becomes more of a pleasure than a nuisance. Snow is also a big economic contributor to the area (Sugarloaf and Maine Huts), and so people LOVE it!! Me too. 

Onto the summer project: the Pacific Crest Trail. Since arriving back in Portland on Monday I have been doing the insane organizing scramble of last-minute PCT gear and packing for college in Prescott, Arizona. The organizing scramble included selling my car to a wonderful friend!! But Bernie will be sorely missed.


My current plan is to hike the trail from the border of Mexico to Manning Park, in Canada, and fly directly from Vancouver to Arizona. I recently got my three necessary permits in the mail: a long distance hiking permit for the PCT corridor, a permit to enter Canada by foot through the PCT corridor, and a California fire permit (with severe limitations this year because of the drought).  Here is my gear set up excluding my Tarptent: 


Now to try fitting it all in the pack!



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